Various Kinds of Hair Cutting Shears and Their Uses

Various kinds of hair cutting shears and their uses. Today, more and more people are starting to pay attention to their appearance. It could even be said, many people are not reluctant to spend a lot of money to make it look more attractive than before. For this reason, it’s no wonder more and more beauty salons or barbershops are spreading everywhere.More professional hairdressers are needed and opportunities for employment are wide open. That makes many people also want to become a professional hairdresser. They learn to style their hair through beauty and self-taught courses.
Or maybe for those of you who are not so accustomed to or even don’t have the time to go to the salon, cutting your own hair at home is certainly more economical.

Want to cut bangs but lazy to the salon? Why not try to cut your own hair at home? You can use the best hair cutting shears, our recommendation!

Various kinds of hair cutting shears and their uses

·        Standard Shears

Standard shears are one of the scissors you most often encounter while in a beauty salon to improve the appearance of your hair. As the name suggests, these standard shears are designed with the same standard model as shears in general.Then what’s the difference between hair shears with paper shears or even other shears? The difference is, hair scissors are specifically designed, especially in the eyes of the shears
The shears are made very sharp and when made for cutting do not bend or bend the hair.
Hair scissors are also made more-straight unlike other scissors.

In terms of price, hair clippers are also more expensive. Because the best hair cutting shears are made of high-quality metal. For this reason, you are advised to use special scissors so that the hair is not damaged or branched.

Standard hair cutting shears have different lengths and designs. The best hair cutting shears used should be comfortable if held because besides functioning to cut hair, the shears also function as a tool to make your hand reach longer. By using standard shears, professional hair stylists will be able to produce a variety of hair styles such as blunt cutting, sliding, and making textures on hair.

·        Thinning Shears

The type of Shears often used by hairdressers is thinning Shears. As the name suggests, thinning shears have the function of thinning thick hair without having to reduce the length of the hair itself.
Thinning shears can only be used on dry (not wet) hair.

If you want to increase the volume of your hair or change the appearance of the hair to be more shaggy, usually hair stylists will use thinning shears.Sometimes even thinning shears create the same appearance as a razor, just that it’s more regular.

It has the same shape as other shears, it’s just different thinner shears on the scissor’s eye.
Standard shears have sharp, perfectly straight-line shears while thinner shears have two different types of shears. Thinning shears have one serrated blade like a comb on one side and an ordinary blade on the other blade.

·        Clean Hair shears Immediately after Use

Hair cutting shears also need to be cleaned the same as shears in general. But cleaning the hair shears has its own purpose. This is done so that the hair shears can be used in a clean condition. Because, if there is dirt left on the shears can cause problems with hair and scalp. Hair can be branched when cut using dirty shears.